Edible Dr. Seuss — bento style

by rachel on March 2, 2011

in Tot Food

The Little Lady and I came up with our Dr. Seuss bento, based on her favorite Dr. Seuss books: The Cat in the Hat, The Sneetches, and Green Eggs and Ham.

For the Star Bellied Sneetch — and The One “Without” behind it:  two pieces of garlic toast, cut out with an oval cookie cutter.  The star on the first on is a piece of colby cheese, adhered with cream cheese.

For the Green Eggs and Ham: a few ham rolls (previously dyed green thanks to a green apple juice bath (apple juice + green food dye)) and one hard boiled egg.  I was originally going to leave the egg whole and give it a green dye bath . . . then we reread Green Eggs and Ham and realized I would need to change my game plan to create eggs that looked like those in the book.    Soooooo . . . I just dyed the yolks.  Twas messy, folks.

For The Cat’s Hat:  simplest of them all — just a few apple sections with pieces of the peel removed.

This afternoon, we’re making Dr. Seuss cupcakes (which will be nothing more than REALLY colorful cupcakes) and red fish/blue fish fruit leathers.  Hopefully . . . that is!

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Rhea March 2, 2011 at 7:30 pm

You are so cute and clever. This homeschool mom lacks creativity. I didn’t even think ahead to do anything for Dr Seuss birthday. Bad mommy.


erin May 9, 2011 at 1:01 pm

That is really cute! I love the Star Bellied Sneetch idea. I would prob. have to leave the green off the eggs for my little picky eaters. LOL. But the apple for the striped hat is awesome too. Very creative.


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