First Christmas Bento {and recipe}

December 8, 2010

I may have hit the jackpot — finding a “sandwich” that my kids will devour. Kolaches. Baked sandwiches. Pigs in a blanket. Whatever they’re named, the kidlets LOVE them. And, they were a piece of cake to make. It’s a win-win bento. Christmas Kolaches Premade raw biscuits (if using biscuit dough, cut out your biscuit [...]

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Not Christmas Related but I love It: ABC Exercise Cards

December 2, 2010

I found these AGES ago on Homeschool Share . . . ABC Exercise Cards, from their Human Body Unit. We have been using these with each letter we learn, reinforcing the letter through movement.  The Little Lady LOVES it; she thinks its hilarious to do jumping jacks, to dance, and the other moves we’ve learned. [...]

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Advent for Our Family — Daily Devotionals and Crafts

December 1, 2010

Last year, we broke our Holiday activities into two categories: Advent readings and crafts at night (so Daddy could do them with us) and general Christmas stuff during the day. It worked well for us; the Little Lady and I would spend the morning and afternoon making Christmas trees, Snowmen, playing with Baby Jesus and [...]

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Advent: Looking Forward to His Birth

December 1, 2010

Yay!  The kidlets are finally back from their two-week stay with their grandmother.  If you follow my personal blog, you might have gathered from a post (here and there) that I missed them. REALLY missed them. As the days passed, I looked forward to seeing their little faces, their blue and green eyes . . [...]

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A Very Orange Week

November 2, 2010

I’m really, really glad that Halloween is over . . .orange has never been my favorite color! Here are a couple of the activities from the past week — I wish I had remembered to take pictures of everything; we had a lot of fun crafts and activities but the camera stayed put up for [...]

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