Advent for Our Family — Daily Devotionals and Crafts

by rachel on December 1, 2010

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Last year, we broke our Holiday activities into two categories: Advent readings and crafts at night (so Daddy could do them with us) and general Christmas stuff during the day.

It worked well for us; the Little Lady and I would spend the morning and afternoon making Christmas trees, Snowmen, playing with Baby Jesus and the rest of “supposedly” kid-friendly Nativity set (I beg to differ since both Mary AND Joseph lost their heads) and baking Christmas cookies. . . . then, when Daddy came home, we would spend the evening readin Bible passages and making correlating crafts.

We’re doing the same this year, and we’re excited about it!

Last year, I used a ton of ideas from Hubbord’s Cupboard and 1+1+1=1; if you haven’t checked out them out, you simply MUST!  Both are fantastic resources for general preschool/totschool lessons, as well as holiday specific ideas.  (1+1+1=1 just posted a new Nativity lesson pack this week!)

This year is no different; Hubbord’s Cupboard’s Advent Chain is providing the basis of what we’re doing for our nightly Advent activities; BUT, I wanted to make a slight change this year, creating something that was more of a “devotional” for our little ones . . . using Scripture, readings, music, and crafts as a way to reinforce what I feel are KEY points from the “Christmas Story.”

  • Jesus was sent by God for us.
  • He is our Savior.
  • He is God (Trinity).
  • His birth was miraculous.
  • Nothing is impossible when we follow God’s plan for us.
  • God takes care of us and blesses us.
  • God talks to us even today.
  • God wants EVERYONE to know Jesus and the salvation that comes through believing in Him.

With that in mind, I tweaked the Advent Chain, adding discussion points and linking to supplemental readings and craft ideas.

I also incorporated Chrismon ornaments; I grew up with these ornaments on our Church tree.  They are gorgeous, simple white and gold ornaments, depicting early Christian/Church symbols.  Most of the symbols were used by the Early Christians — at a time when they were under persecution for their faith — to connect with other Christians.

We will be making a total of 23 Chrismon ornaments between now and Christmas.

Sample Devotions

If you’d like to see or use this Advent Devotional Chain, please click here to download it as a pdf.  You can use any or all of it!

I’ll post updates as we go through our weeks leading up to Christmas; I hope you’ll join me and share what your family does to celebrate the Birth of Christ.

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Lindsay Baker December 1, 2010 at 8:14 pm

We our using a book called “Christmas around the world” which basically tells how other countries celebrate their Christmas holiday. It has recipes and crafts in it also. We are doing one each week. As well as our nightly Advent devotional. I am looking for other ideas. We don’t teach about Santa Clause and I am always looking for ways to put the focus on Jesus’ birth.


Pam November 10, 2012 at 3:23 pm

We recently started doing Advent activities with our children, and admittedly, last year, it was kinda lackluster. This collection of devotionals might be just the ticket. What we did last year was celebrate each Sunday of Advent with lighting a candle on the Advent Wreath and doing some Bible reading – ending with opening a gift from my husband’s siblings (he has 3 and add in his parents, it was the perfect number of gifts) This spread the chaos of gift opening out and gave the kids a chance to appreciate each gift. But since my husband’s family has moved the Christmas gift exchange to “Christmas in July”, I think this idea will fill it in quite nicely.


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