Tot School — The First Half

by rachel on October 26, 2009

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Tot School

(The Little Lady is 28 Months)

Yes, it’s a good thing I decided my plans will cover a two week period instead of one!  I think we got two days of planned activities in this week.

I used “rice writing” (I’m sure there is a more official name) to start off our discussion of the Letter P.  The Little Lady absolutely LOVED this activity — she wanted to draw the letter over and over and over in the dish of rice.  In addition to it being fun, I saw signs that this type of sensory play really helped solidify the letter for her.  Later that night, she (for the first time) was able to “write” (or draw) her letter.

Next, we colored the letter P using dyed rice (purple, of course).  This was also a hit, mainly because she loves using her glue sticks.

We started talking about Pumpkins, using window clings I picked up from our local Dollar Tree.  Getting permission to put “stickers” on the window made her so “esscited!!!”  Wow, she squealed a lot over those.

Life School

Our Little Lady made a HUGE leap this weekend: she finally, FINALLY played, on her own with friends AND went by herself to Children’s Church.  This is quite a big deal for us as she normally will not let us out of her sight when we are out and about (regardless of who else is there and how well she knows them).

(her favorite part of the entire day at the carnival — PONY RIDES!)

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